Vascular Laser

To eliminate rosacea

Rosacea is characterised by facial redness, mainly on the nose or on the cheeks. It is associated with the dilation of small superficial blood vessels in the skin.

Vascular lasers provide the best solution for the treatment of a wide range of vascular disorders like rosacea and angiomas. Their powerful and specific wavelength allow to target the blood vessel by heating hemoglobin, causing the collapse and complete closure of the unwanted vessels, and thus their disappearance.

Depending on the size and shape of the vascular lesion, the treatment sometimes needs to be repeated to achieve the desired result. The treatment does not prevent the appearance of new veins if there is an underlying vascular problem. In such cases, we will advise you to visit a vein specialist before starting the laser treatment.

Warning: lasers are medical devices which may have contraindications and certain risks. During the initial consultation your doctor will explain the benefits and risks to you.


1 to 3




1 to 2 months


390 to 1'490 CHF

per session

Avant - Après


Vascular and Pigmentary Laser Treatments

To eliminate rosacea, dilated vessels or brown spots.

Face Yag Reds sur devis, dès 500 CHF
YAG sides of the nose 300 CHF
Other areas sur devis
Under age 30 with E#Team30 membership -30%