Ultrasound lifting

You want to firm up the skin of your face, raise your eyebrows, smoothen your neckline or tighten the skin of your neck? Ultherapy uses ultrasound to lift tissues in depth. It can also be used to treat different areas of the body.

Ulthera sends focused ultrasound into the skin to stimulate the synthesis of new collagen. Applied to the face, it acts directly on the SMAS, the superficial musculo aponeurotic system, the dense and solid structure located under the skin of the face used by all the techniques of lifting today to obtain a durable result of natural appearance.

The session lasts between 30 min (raising the eyebrow) and 1h30 (full face and neck). Performed under conscious sedation, the treatment is provided in optimal comfort conditions. The results appear gradually over several weeks, the time necessary for the synthesis of new collagen.

For your comfort, Ultherapy treatments at Entourage are performed under conscious sedation and for optimum results, we apply the full Ulthera Amplify II protocol.

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30 min. to 1h30


1'500 to 3'500 CHF


Face & body


Avant - Après

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Book your Full Face & Neck Ultherapy treatement today or break it up to suit your time and budget

Warning : The treatments are performed by a physician.

Full face 3'600 CHF
Full face & neck 5'200 CHF
Full face, neck and chest 6'500 CHF
Lower face 3'000 CHF
Lower face and neck 4'600 CHF
Eyes / mouth / Eyebrows 1'000 CHF
Chest 1'800 CHF
Body Sur devis

*Add-on pricing available when treating this area in addition to other areas