Radiesse® Injections

Stimulate your collagen

Collagen gives volume, suppleness and firmness to young and healthy skin. Natural collagen begins to decompose from age 25, resulting in loss of elasticity and volume of the face. This loss results in the appearance of wrinkles, facial furrows and skin laxity, which cause your skin to lose its youthful appearance and freshness.

RADIESSE is authorized by the US FDA for aesthetic medicine treatments. It is a product that provides an exceptional lifting effect and designed to redefine the contour of the face and stimulate the process of regeneration of its own collagen for a rejuvenated appearance.

At the time of injection, Radiesse® volumizing filler provides immediate volume and trapping to alleviate signs of aging by using calcium-based micro-spheres and the gel it contains. The unique character of Radiesse® comes from its ability to serve as a framework under the skin, providing structure and stimulating the production of your own natural collagen. This process continues for several months, prolonging the initial effect of Radiesse®.

Be careful, the Radiesse is a medical treatment that can involve risks and contraindications. Your doctor will explain the benefits you can expect from this treatment during an initial consultation.


1 to 2



treatment duration

12 to 18 Months


790 to 1'580 CHF

per sessions

face & neck


Radiesse injections

To stimulate the production of collagen, face contouring, hand rejuvenation

Cheeks 790 CHF
Hands 790 CHF
Jaw line contouring 790 à 1'590 CHF