Permanent makeup

Beautiful from the moment you wake up

You wish an impeccable make-up at all times without having to spend long hours every morning for this? Or you would like to mask scars, correct a vitiligo or regain your femininity after a breast surgery? Permanent makeup (or dermopigmentation) is the solution you are looking for.

Dermopigmentation is the implantation of micro-pigments in the superficial layers of the dermis, using sterile needles, to beautify or correct certain parts of the face or the body. Today, this technique allows very natural and ultra realistic results, far from the clichés of the permanent makeup of yesteryear.

A first consultation is necessary to evaluate your needs and desires, and to adapt the technique and the pigments according to the desired result.In a second step, the pigmentation is carried out. The result of the procedure stabilizes after a month. At this moment, a small touch-up is usually carried out to perfect the color and the contours and fix the result.

Maintenance by touch-ups is recommended every 12 to 24 months.


12 to 24 Mois


490 to 890 CHF



Permanent makeup

To enhance facial features, hide a scar or vitiligo.

Consultation 60 CHF
Hyperrealistic 3D Eyebrows 890 CHF
Eyebrows with shading 890 CHF
Eyebrows with microblading 690 CHF
Lips 890 CHF
Smokey eyes 590 CHF
Lash liner (intensification of the lashes) 490 CHF
Mammar areolas sur devis
Scars sur devis
Multiple zones advantage
2nd zone -10%
3rd zone -20%