Nd:Yag Laser

The laser for permanent hair removal

The Nd:Yag laser has a wavelength that allows for effective and safe hair removal in people of different ethnic backgrounds.

Each laser pulse is transmitted to the hair bulb via the hair shaft. The bulb must be heated and destroyed in order for the hair not to grow back. Only hairs in the anagen phase (where the shaft is conected to the bulb) are sensitive for laser hair removal. Since only a certain amount of hairs are in that anagen phase of the cycle at any given time, one needs more than one laser session for permanent hair removal.

Warning: lasers are medical devices which may have contraindications and certain risks. During the initial consultation your doctor will explain the benefits and risks to you.


5 to 9


1 to 2h


1 to 3 months


90 to 790 CHF

per zone per session

Body & Face



Permanent Hair Removal

Warning : For dark skins prices on request

Consultation & test (deductible from first session) 80 CHF

Face & Neck

Eyebrows 60 CHF
Nose / Ears / Temples 60 CHF
Cheeks 70 CHF
Upper Lip / Moustache 80 CHF
Beard 250 CHF
Chin 80 CHF
Neck 160 CHF

Arms & Torso

Armpits 120 CHF
Arms 350 CHF
Forearm 250 CHF
Hands 120 CHF
Fingers 80 CHF
Shoulder 160 CHF
Upper Back 340 CHF
Lower Back 340 CHF
Torso 340 CHF
Areolas 80 CHF
Abdominal line 100 CHF
Belly 250 CHF

Private parts

80 CHF
150 CHF
200 CHF

Legs & Buttocks

Buttocks 310 CHF
Buttock Furrow 80 CHF
Complete Legs 530 CHF
Half Legs 320 CHF
Feet 120 CHF
Toe 80 CHF

Subscription & Multiple Zones Promotion

530 CHF
730 CHF

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