Barbed bioresorbable thread-lifts by Aptos®

The right solution for soft-tissue laxity of the face

A threadlift is a minimally-invasive technique designed to give you a refreshed appearance through the use of fine surgical threads. Although a threadlift can raise droopy areas of the brow, cheeks, jowls, and neck, it will not produce the same dramatic results as a facelift or brow lift.

Aptos® barbed threads are textured with microscopic cogs – similar to barbed wire, that help anchor tissue in their new position. The lactic acid that they contain revitalizes the skin and helps counteract signs of skin aging.

Starting off, a hollow needle is passed through the skin in a predetermined area and then the barbed thread is inserted through the needle. The threads will grab onto the soft tissues once inserted and help provide support to lift and reposition the tissues. The threads are tightened to lift the face and tugged into desired placement before being anchored beneath the skin close to the temporal hairline.

Thread-lifts: lifting effect on soft tissues of the face

The threads are particularly effective for the jawline and to counteract the soft tissue drooping of the cheeks or malar areas. They are usually placed under local anesthesia and the procedure takes about one hour. The resultant lift lasts a maximum of two years.

There is no social downtime with this procedure and it leaves only a hidden scar in the temple.
Complications are not frequent and can involve bruising, slight asymmetries, palpation of threads under the skin and formation of skin folds. Complications are usually transitory as the threads are progressively resorbed over the course of a year.






2'990 to 5'990 CHF

per treatment

face & neck


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