Prices of aesthetic procedures

If the possibilities offered by aesthetic medicine are infinite, it is necessary to carefully select the techniques to develop a treatment plan specifically adapted to your needs, your desires and your budget.

The prices listed below refer to the most common indications for single treatments (unless otherwise specified). After an initial consultation, your doctor will draw up an individualized treatment plan according to your objectives, for which an individual quote will be given to you.

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OneYear Aesthetic Medicine Subscription
Smile at your mirror all year!

Aesthetic medicine treatments are now available on subscription. With your doctor, create your personalized treatment program over a whole year and settle it in 12 monthly payments. The treatments included in your program are calculated according to the official price list on the day of the conclusion of the contract and invoiced in twelve monthly payments, with no additional interest or hidden fees. All follow-upappointments are included.

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Aesthetic consultation

First consultation aesthetic medicine 150 CHF
First consultation aesthetic surgery 200 CHF
Follow-up consultation : included

Hyaluronic Acid Injections

To fill depressions and wrinkles, reduce dark circles, hydrate the skin, redifine the shape of the lips, rejuvenate the neckline and the hands.

Price per zone dès 690 CHF
Skinbooster 550 CHF
Peri orbital depressions 790 CHF
Softlifting (global face treatment) dès 2'070 CHF
Under age 30 with E#Team30 membership -30%

Botulinum toxin injections

Attenuates your wrinkles of expression

Botulinum toxin injections 1 zone* 390 CHF
Botulinum toxin injections 2 zones* 590 CHF
Botulinum toxin injections upper face (3zones*) 690 CHF
Hyperhydrosis 1'100 CHF

*glabella / frown lines / eyes

Radiesse injections

To stimulate the production of collagen, face contouring, hand rejuvenation

Cheeks 790 CHF
Hands 790 CHF
Jaw line contouring 790 à 1'590 CHF


To stimulate and hydrate the skin.

Face, neck or décolletage (per zone) 300 CHF
2 zones 500 CHF
3 zones 600 CHF
3 sessions mesolift cures -10%

PRP autologous rejuvenation

Plattelet-Rich Plasma. To smoothen the skin

PRP 1 zone 690 CHF
PRP 2 zones 890 CHF
PRP 3 zones 990 CHF
3 sessions cures -10%

Medical Peels

To smoothen the skin, lighten the complexion, erase the stains.

dès 250 CHF

Fractional laser rejuvenation

In depth skin revitalization. To stimulate collagen, give back tension to the tissues.

1'200 CHF
700 CHF
sur devis

Vascular and Pigmentary Laser Treatments

To eliminate rosacea, dilated vessels or brown spots.

Face Yag Reds sur devis, dès 500 CHF
YAG sides of the nose 300 CHF
Other areas sur devis
Under age 30 with E#Team30 membership -30%

IPL Photorejuvenation

To improve the complexion, stimulate the production of collagen.

500 CHF
550 CHF
600 CHF
400 CHF

Coolsculpting medical cryolipolysis

To eliminate stubborn fat.

Coolsculpting CoolAdvantage / Coolsmooth applicator 750 CHF
Coolsculpting Coolmax applicator 1'200 CHF
Discount from 5th applicator -10%
Under 30 years old with Team30 membership -20%

Titan Infrared Energy

To tonify face and body

Titan dès 700 CHF


Book your Full Face & Neck Ultherapy treatement today or break it up to suit your time and budget

Warning : The treatments are performed by a physician.

Full face 3'600 CHF
Full face & neck 5'200 CHF
Full face, neck and chest 6'500 CHF
Lower face 3'000 CHF
Lower face and neck 4'600 CHF
Eyes / mouth / Eyebrows 1'000 CHF
Chest 1'800 CHF
Body Sur devis

*Add-on pricing available when treating this area in addition to other areas


A system of microneedles mounted on a roller to insert the active substances into the dermis.

Face PRP 750 CHF
Face Decolletage 750 CHF
Face, neck and decolletage PRP 850 CHF


Permanent Hair Removal

Warning : For dark skins prices on request

Consultation & test (deductible from first session) 80 CHF

Face & Neck

Eyebrows 60 CHF
Nose / Ears / Temples 60 CHF
Cheeks 70 CHF
Upper Lip / Moustache 80 CHF
Beard 250 CHF
Chin 80 CHF
Neck 160 CHF

Arms & Torso

Armpits 120 CHF
Arms 350 CHF
Forearm 250 CHF
Hands 120 CHF
Fingers 80 CHF
Shoulder 160 CHF
Upper Back 340 CHF
Lower Back 340 CHF
Torso 340 CHF
Areolas 80 CHF
Abdominal line 100 CHF
Belly 250 CHF

Private parts

80 CHF
150 CHF
200 CHF

Legs & Buttocks

Buttocks 310 CHF
Buttock Furrow 80 CHF
Complete Legs 530 CHF
Half Legs 320 CHF
Feet 120 CHF
Toe 80 CHF

Subscription & Multiple Zones Promotion


Other Treatments & Services

Permanent makeup

To enhance facial features, hide a scar or vitiligo.

Consultation 60 CHF
Hyperrealistic 3D Eyebrows 900 CHF
Eyebrows with shading 900 CHF
Eyebrows with microblading 700 CHF
Lips 900 CHF
Smokey eyes 600 CHF
Lash liner (intensification of the lashes) 500 CHF
Mammar areolas sur devis
Scars sur devis
Multiple zones advantage
2nd zone -10%
3rd zone -20%

Skinscope skin analysis

The full-high-tech diagnosis reveals the imperfections concealed in the skin

Skinscope Diagnosis 100 CHF
Skinceuticals AOX 30 min. facial 80 CHF
Skinscope diagnosis & AOX 30 min. facial 150 CHF

Tattoo Remooval

5 sessions subscription -10%


1st consultation 320 CHF
Follow-up consultation (30 min.) 120 CHF

Any additional food supplements prescribed during the consultation will be invoiced separately.


Tous les prix s'entendent en francs suisses. Ils sont susceptibles d'être modifiés en tout temps sans préavis. Les devis qui vous sont remis au cours de la consultation ont une durée de validité de 60 jours.

Le paiement se fait le jour du traitement en espèces ou par carte de crédit. Les traitements esthétiques ne sont pas remboursés par les assurances maladie. Les abonnements et les bons cadeaux sont valables 12 mois à compter de la date de paiement. Les abonnements d’épilation laser sont valables 18 mois. En cas de retard à un rendez-vous, le traitement peut être raccourci tout en étant facturé au prix indiqué.

En cas d'empêchement, merci de nous prévenir au moins 24 heures à l'avance. En cas d'annulation dans un délai inférieur à 24 heures, nous serons contraints de vous facturer la moitié du montant de votre traitement au titre de frais d'annulation. Si vous ne vous présentez pas à votre rendez-vous ("no show"), les frais d'annulation s’élèveront à 80% du prix du traitement ou de la consultation.