Chin, neck

With age, the skin loses its elasticity, the neckline collapses, the jowls are installed. But this is not inevitable. Aesthetic medicine offers different techniques to prevent or correct this phenomenon.

The skintightening treatments with devices using intense pulsed (IPL) or infrared (Titan) light, ablative or fractionatal rejuvenation lasers make it possible to restore a good density of skin and to strengthen it by stimulating the production of collagen.

To compensate for the loss of firmness, we often recommend the injection of volumizing products (hyaluronic acid), which slow down the relaxation of the tissues. Injections of Radiesse® stimulates bio-revitalization of the tissues and bring them back under tension.

The folds between the corner of the mouth and the chin can be corrected by combining filling techniques (hyaluronic acid) with botulinum toxin injections. On the other hand, if the excess skin is important, only a facelift will correct it.

To find the solution best suited to your needs, your desires and your budget, make an appointment with one of our specialists for a consulting consultation.

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