Breast augmentation with implants

4D simulation helps you choose the ideal breast implants according to your morphology.

Details of the breast augmentation procedure

Would you like your breasts to be fuller, yet still look natural? At Entourage, we offer you a wide choice of round or ergonomic breast implants that adapt ideally to your morphology to achieve the desired result.

Thanks to our Crisalix augmented reality simulation software, you’ll be able to virtually visualize the result with different breast implants and familiarize yourself with your new breasts.

The main aim of breast augmentation surgery is toincrease the volume and projection of your breasts using silicone gel-filled implants. If necessary, your surgeon will combine the procedure with mastopexy to correct breast asymmetries or lift sagging breasts.

Breast augmentation results in :

  • increase the volume of breasts that are naturally too small;
  • gain one or more cup sizes;
  • improve symmetry in the case of slight differences in size or shape between the breasts;
  • restore breast volume lost during pregnancy (breastfeeding) or weight loss;

One of the secondary but not insignificant benefits of breast augmentation surgery for our patients is the boost in self-confidence it provides.

Duration of plastic surgery in Lausanne


Frequency of plastic surgery in Lausanne


Resuming cosmetic surgery in Lausanne

2 weeks

Plastic surgery prices in Lausanne

From CHF 10,000

Payment by instalments

The latest generation of breast implants

Your breast implants will be with you for many years, perhaps even your whole life. To guarantee you maximum safety and peace of mind, we have selected silicone breast forms from Motiva, a leading company in the field of cosmetic surgery.

Their wide range of silicone implants in various sizes, shapes and projections will adapt perfectly to your cup and morphology.

These silicone implants are made from an exclusive material called SilkSurface, which is designed to mimic the texture of human skin, reducing the risk of complications such as shells and ruptures.

Motiva breast implants are available in a range of Round or Ergonomix sizes and shapes to meet the individual needs of every patient. They are also equipped with technology enabling surgeons to access implant information such as date of manufacture, serial number and product specifications. This guarantees the implant’s authenticity and enables us to track its progress from manufacture to use.

It’s important to note that Motiva silicone implants are approved by regulatory bodies in many countries, including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in the European Union. This means they have undergone rigorous clinical trials to guarantee their safety and efficacy.

Thanks to the Motiva® Sleeve, only a small incision of 2-3 cm is required. As a result, our patients’ scars are almost invisible and fade faster.

Breast prosthesis fitting
Breast augmentation

Fat injections or breast implants?

It’s perfectly normal to have questions if you’re considering surgery on your breasts. At Entourage, we offer two treatments:

  • breast augmentation: through the fitting of prostheses
  • lipofilling: breast augmentation by fat injection

The choice between these two methods depends on your objectives, your state of health, your budget and your personal preference. Of course, your surgeon will answer all your questions during the aesthetic consultation.

Comparison of the two treatments

Breast augmentation with prostheses is a more invasive method and requires post-operative convalescence.

Lipofilling, on the other hand, is a less invasive surgical procedure. It involves removing fat from a part of your body and injecting it into your breasts. More precisely, fat is removed by liposuction. It is then processed and purified before being reinjected into your breasts.

The main advantage of this technique is that it requires no foreign or synthetic materials, offers more natural results and volume, and less visible scarring.

Find out more about lipofilling

Before and after photos of breast augmentation

Questions and answers about breast augmentation

Procedure for breast augmentation

Before breast surgery

During the first consultation, you will meet with your surgeon to discuss your expectations and goals, and photos of your breasts will be taken from different angles using a 3D scanner. This is of course an important step for patients prior to such an operation.

The images will then be uploaded to Crisalix simulation software to create a 3D image of your breasts.

Using this 3D image, the surgeon can simulate different types and sizes of breast prostheses to show what your breasts might look like after surgery.

You can also view these simulations in real time, thanks to Crisalix’s 4D technology, which lets you see simulated results in motion.

The second pre-operative consultation is an important step before breast augmentation surgery. It provides an opportunity to review the initial consultation, discuss any concerns or questions you may have, and review the choice of breast prostheses.

At the second consultation, your plastic surgeon will review the information you discussed at the first consultation, including prosthesis options, incisions and implant position. You can discuss any concerns you may have about the operation and ask any questions you may have.

It is also important to review the choice of breast prostheses during this second consultation. If you’ve changed your mind about the size, shape or type of implant you chose during your initial consultation, this is an opportunity to discuss these concerns with your plastic surgeon. Your surgeon can present you with other prosthesis options that better meet your needs and expectations.

The intervention

For breast augmentation, we generally prefer the technique oflocal anesthesia with sedation. You’ll be asleep as with a general anaesthetic, but recovery will be much faster.

Your surgeon will make a small incision to access the implant site. The incision can be located under the breast, around the areola or in the armpit, depending on your preferences and your surgeon’s advice.

The scar resulting from this incision is minimal and located under the breast fold, so it is virtually invisible.

The surgeon will then place the breast implant in the pocket created during the incision. The implant can be placed under the pectoral muscle or directly under the mammary gland. Once the implant is in place, the surgeon sutures the skin with absorbable sutures.

A dressing will be applied to the operated area to help protect the area and scar, and minimize swelling.

After surgery, we’ll keep you under observation for a while to make sure you recover from the anesthesia. You can return home the same day.

After the operation

Your surgeon will meet with you several times during the first year. A first check-up takes place 10 days post-operatively to remove the sutures and review the results of your procedure. Post-operative follow-up consultations are scheduled at 1, 3, 6 and 12 months to see how your breasts are progressing.

We will ask you to wear a support bra for 6 weeks after your operation to maintain the shape of your breasts and promote healing.

We recommend treating post-operative scars with ADVENCED SCAR CONTROL silicione gel from Skinceuticals . This gel improves the appearance, color and texture of scars.

Deadlines and results

The final results of breast augmentation can be assessed after six months. Your breasts may appear larger and firmer immediately after the operation.

As your body heals and the implants stabilize, your breasts will take on their final shape and size.

Scars will also fade during the healing process, appearing almost invisible as the years go by.

Price of breast augmentation

Breast augmentation with implants

For more beautiful, more harmonious breasts

First consultation 200 CHF
Breast augmentation with round implants CHF 10,000
Breast augmentation with ergonomic teardrop implants CHF 10,500

Make an appointment

Our team of beauty professionals warmly welcomes you for a personalized consultation.

Make an appointment today and let us take care of you. We look forward to meeting you!

Our breast augmentation specialists in Lausanne

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