营养师 Patrick Leconte


Patrick Leconte营养师曾经在Jean-Robert Rapin博士的带领下学习。Jean-Robert Rapin博士跟 Doctor Delabos 一起研究了chrononutrition®。Mr Leconte 营养师有细胞营养学的毕业文凭。他所关注的是细胞与饮食习惯如何影响我们的生活。他擅长治疗不同年龄阶段的患者对过度肥胖、过于瘦弱或者仟体瘦身等问题。只要跟饮食有关,Mr Leconte 就能帮助您。


  • University of Dijon (one of the biggest nutritionist centers in Europe): in Nutraceuticals, Alicaments et Health Foods
  • Pharmaceutical Faculty of Clermont-Ferrand: in Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Faculty of Medicine of Clermont-Ferrand: in Nutrition, Agression and Chronic Diseases
  • Faculty of Fundamental and Applied Sciences of the Université of Poitiers: in Micronutrition and Public Health
  • Faculté of Medicine of Clermont-Ferrand: in Nutrition and Physical Exercise
  • He has further validated a Research Master with a thesis in “Physiology and Micronutriments”

在工作之外,Mr Leconte同时在University Paul Valéry (Montpellier) 和 University of Strasbourg 的药物部门攻读研究生。

Mr Leconte 也在日内瓦 Ecole privée d’esthétique Michelle Paschoud 开设课程,讲授他的营养理念,同时他也是 Association des Practiciens et Practiciennes en Thérapies Naturelles 的演讲者之一。

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