PRP Injections

Platelet-rich plasma

PRP is a natural plasma based preparation, enriched with a high concentration of platelets (small blood cells involved in blood coagulation). It is prepared from the patient's own blood.

The plasma contains nutrients that help stimulate natural rejuvenation of your skin. The use of PRP is a form of bio revitalisation and consists of microinjection into the deeper layers of the dermis. It uses the body’s own healing machinery to stimulate the secretion of the growth factors involved in tissue regeneration.

It has many benefits. Growth factors restore the tissue density. The stem cells contained in the plasma promote the renewal of the skin structures. This helps to give a uniform complexion, a “healthy glow”, a reduction of fine lines, and a remodeling of facial contours. It is also an excellent treatment for dark circles around the eyes.

Warning : PRP is a medical treatment which may have contraindications and certain risks. During the initial consultation your doctor will explain the benefits and risks to you.


3 to 5


1 h.

treatment duration

1 month


590 to 990 CHF

per session

face, neck, neckline, hands


Réjuvénation autologue par PRP

Plasma Riche en Plaquettes. Pour lisser la peau, atténuer les cernes, unifier le teint.

PRP 1 zone 690 CHF
PRP 2 zones 890 CHF
PRP 3 zones 990 CHF
Les cures 3 séances PRP ENTOURAGE -10%
Membres Team30 (réservé aux moins de 30 ans) -30%