Aesthetic and functional rhinoplasty

The nose has a central role in facial aesthetics. With rhinoplasty we aim to re-harmonize and correct nasal deformities so that we find a more balanced look that is tailored to your face. Functionally the nose is also important for breathing and the sense of smell. It important to have an in depth understanding and training in nose surgery, as well as aesthetic surgery for any rhinoplasty because function and aesthetics are indissociable.

During the initial consultation your aesthetic and/or breathing concerns are evaluated by your surgeon. Then follows a clinical nasal functional evaluation, facial analysis and 3D morphing which will help us determine together what the surgical priorities could be to achieve a balanced nose that fits your face.

Most often your rhinoplasty will be associated with a septoplasty for correction of a septal deviation or for septal cartilage harvest used for grafting.

Injection rhinoplasty with hyaluronic acids can be a temporizing measure. The risks and benefits can be discussed during the rhinoplasty consultation.

The rhinoplasty intervention

The operation usually lasts 2 to 3 hours depending on the complexity. Most of the interventions are done under general anesthesia in an inpatient clinic. Selected revision surgeries can be undertaken under local anesthesia with sedation. Nasal packing is taken out the morning after the intervention and the nasal splint removed at one week with the remaining sutures. Work can usually be resumed one week after. The result will show progressively as swelling subsides but final results are not definite before 1 year.


1 to 2h



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