Chemical peeling

Skin cell stimulation, turnover and pigmentation targeting

Chemical peeling is a skin resurfacing procedure in which topical wounding agents are applied to the skin. Depending on the strength of the peel, wounding depth can vary from superficial to deep. Very superficial peels have a an exfoliative effect. The deeper the peel, the better the cosmetic results but the higher the risk of adverse events and the longer the healing phase.

Chemical peels can help smooth the texture of the skin, reduce fine wrinkling, homogenize skin color and pigmentation, help eliminate age spots (lentigos) and other signs of photoaging. The depth of the peel depends on many factors, especially on the wounding agent, it’s concentration, the way it is applied and your skin type. At ENTOURAGE we only use superficial and medium depth peels to minimize side-effects. Superficial peels can refresh, tone and help with dyspigmentation of the skin, but have little effect on wrinkling. Some of them are very effective in helping to treat acne. Medium depth peels may be necessary to reduce superficial wrinkling and for some other signs of photoaging.

Attention: the application of medical strength chemical peeling agents are medical treatments which may have contraindications and certain risks. During the initial consultation your doctor will explain the benefits and risks to you.


2 to 3




2 to 4 weeks


190 to 290 CHF

per session


Medical Peels

To smoothen the skin, lighten the complexion, erase the stains.

dès 250 CHF