Woman’s Face

Aesthetic facial solutions for women

Wrinkles, lack of radiance or firmness, age spots ... the signs of aging appear gradually. But more than wrinkles or volume losses, we are bothered when negative expressions appear on our face (severity, fatigue, sadness), distorting the image we have of ourselves.

Until recently, cosmetic surgery was the only answer to these concerns, but many women refused to undergo the knife, for fear of a too radical change and an alteration of their personality. Henceforth, aesthetic medicine – which unlike the surgery is performed without anesthesia nor scalpel – offers countless opportunities to maintain and prolong one’s beauty capital. All treatments can be performed in the afternoon or during a short break in the working day.

At Entourage, our procedures preserve your range of emotions and respect your personality. We favor a comprehensive and balanced approach to facial aesthetics, combining different techniques to provide the best possible results according to your needs, your desires and your budget.

Click on the different areas of the face nearby if you are looking for a targeted solution or click here to learn more about our global approach.

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