Medical Rhinoplasty

Correct the shape of your nose!

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You want to change the shape of our nose or simply correct its small imperfections (fill a hollow, raise its tip, slightly change its shape)? Medical rhinoplasty is an advantageous alternative to cosmetic surgery.

A medical rhinoplasty with hyaluronic acid makes it possible to retouch a nose without having to resort to cosmetic surgery and the disadvantages that are related to it (anesthesia, social eviction). It makes it possible to compensate for a lack of volume or to fill one or more precise zones of the nose. On the other hand, larger corrections due to excess volume (prominent bump, deviation from the nasal septum, nose tip too round) can only be corrected by surgery, rhinoplasty.

Based on an accurate analysis of your nose , your doctor will advise you on the best strategy to embellish your nose.

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4/5 - (24 votes)