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The hands are particularly exposed. Over time, they often become dry and brown pigment spots may appear. With age, they lose their volume due to the decrease of the fatty tissue, which sometimes gives them a hollowed out appearance.

Solutions exist to remedy these problems. Fill injections with hyaluronic acid or Radiesse® make it possible to correct the loss of thickness and elasticity and to restore volume to your hands. The effects of the treatment remain visible for about one year.

To eliminate stains, different solutions are available to you. A fruit acid peel will alleviate recent and superficial spots. If they are installed longer, a laser session will erase them.

To maintain the effects of the treatment or simply as a preventive measure, your doctor will propose a cosmetic solution specifically adapted to you.
During the day, the creams with SPF index will protect your hands from the effects of the sun, causing 80% of the signs of aging. At night, firming and lightening creams will nourish your hands deeply. And to mitigate recent stains, some anti brown spots creams are perfectly effective.

Your doctor will advise you on how to find the right solution for your needs.
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