Face oval, neck

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Your skin loses its elasticity, the neck softens, the jowls settle, the oval becomes irregular? Our skintightening treatments make it possible to restore a good skin density and to rstor its strength by stimulating the production of collagen.

Infrared (Titan) light devices, ablative or fractionated rejuvenation lasers are precious tools to the aesthetic doctor. They also have an excellent preventive effect by strengthening the skin, thus delaying the need for lifting to a few years later.

To control the loss of firmness and preserve the oval, one can also resort to injections of volumizing products (hyaluronic acid), which slow down the relaxation of the tissues. Injections of Radiesse® cause bio-revitalization of the tissues and bring them back under tension. But if the excess of skin is important, only a surgical facelift will be able to correct it.

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