Dark circles, eye contour, eyelids

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In this area, the skin is very mobile and particularly thin. It gets easily marked. Dark circles, heavy eyelids, make you look sad and tired, even if you feel in good shape. Aesthetic medicine offers us many possibilities to embellish and rejuvenate your look.

Mesotherapy helps to attenuate the fine lines that sometimes appear on the eyelid and make us look tired. The wrinkles of the crow’s feet, in the corner of the eye, are the wrinkles of the smile. To preserve expressiveness and emotions, one must avoid completely erasing them. An injection of botulinum toxin, however, can diminish them, and reposition an eyebrow that falls a little. These fine lines can also be smoothed with a fractional laser, which stimulates the production of collagen and redensifies the skin.

The hollow rings will be filled with hyaluronic acid injected in depth. But when the upper eyelids fall or the pockets are too large, only surgery will rejuvenate the eye.

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