Belly, hips, buttocks

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Despite dieting and physical activity, some stubborn fats resist all our efforts and refuse to disappear. So far, lipossuction was the only effective method to eliminate these localized excess fat. But in recent years, new techniques have appeared to meet this need for thinness and firmness.

Cryolipolysis uses cold to remove beads by destroying fat cells. The Coolscupting uses this innovative technique to “shape” your silhouette by intervening in a targeted way in the problematic areas (belly, hips, buttocks, breeches, etc.). Without anesthesia or social eviction, it offers an advantageous alternative to surgical liposuction.

The Titan (infrared energy) helps to firm up the abdomen and buttocks. Stretch marks can be attenuated with PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma), mesotherapy or lasers.

During the consultation, your doctor will help you find the solution best suited to your needs, your desires and your budget.

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