Complexion, brown spots, couperose

Our skin is our first line of defense against attacks of sunlight, cold, pollution, tobacco ... which alter the complexion, slow down cell regeneration, burst the vessels. Couperose, which reminds us of alcoholism, is particularly undesirable. Fortunately, aesthetic medicine offers many solutions to re-hydrate the skin and stimulate cell renewal.

The small dilated vessels typical of the rosacea are effectively destroyed by the vascular laser. To combat the brown spots, a pigmentary laser will do the job. Chemical peels or cryotherapy can also be considered for this type of indication.

Finally, photorejuvenation using a fractional laser or a flash lamp (IPL) allows to soften a dull complexion and confer a better look. Lasers are also very effective in removing acne scars and erasing irregularities in the skin.

Whatever your request, your doctor will advise you the best solution according to your objectives, your desires and your budget.

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