The nutrition consultation

Your nutritionnist in Lausanne

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Wether you want to slim down, regain volume or simply understand the secrets of a balanced diet, Patrick Leconte will receive you by appointment and will take charge for a complete nutritional assessment.

During a first consultation lasting about 1h20, your measurements (size, diameter of the wrist to determine the volume of the framework, chest, waist circumference, hip circumference) will serve as a basis for the development of a personalized care plan and then measure your progress. This first consultation is also an opportunity to consider possible pathologies (diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid problems, etc.) as well as your eating habits (snacking between meals, sugar tendency, fast food, vegetarianism). Your lifestyle (active, sedentary, professional sportsman, active retired, inactive, convalescent, etc.) will also be taken into account for the elaboration of your personalized nutrition program.

The food program adapts to all profiles, including sportsmen and children from 2 years.